Hello and welcome…

…to Secrets-2-Wealth. Where I will try to help new, novice, weary, and confused people like myself who have been either interested in making money online, or have tried many times yet still seek answers, training and guidance on how to make it work for them.

On and off, over a 20 year period, I believed that I could be making money online; and, to be honest, it was about the only way I could think to make an independent income for myself as I became disabled just before the millennium after suffering a stroke. I am now middle-aged, female and mobility-challenged, so don’t have many options, nor do I have employers beating a path to my door to offer me well-paid work.

So the internet offered me many ways out.

  • I could work hours that suit me, and rest whenever I needed (in bursts, basically)
  • I could work in an environment constructed to suit my needs (soft seating, adjustable desk, etc)
  • I could become financially independent and stop living off government handouts for the rest of my life
  • I could build a pension fund (I won’t qualify for much having had no real work or savings for the past 17 years)
  • I could work at something which interests me and keep my passion for working fertile

I have finally found the answers and, within 6 months of deciding to ‘give it one last shot’ I found that I was beginning to make enough money to encourage me to continue.

This website is new and currently still under development, so if you are visiting and don’t quite see yet what you are looking for, please bookmark me and come back as I am constantly updating and adding to the content.

I wish you every success on your own online journey to wealth!



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