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GODADDY (6/10)


 GoDaddy is an American publicly traded internet domain and web hosting company.

 Company Bio

In 2013, GoDaddy was reported to be the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world, some four times larger than its nearest competitor.  It has a wealth of sports sponsorships including Superbowl and is linked to high profile media names.  In 2017 it incorporated It has over 17 million customers.  Despite this, it only ranks 40th out of 3620 hosting providers.


Currently, GoDaddy is offering domain names for as little as £0.99 (price correct as of 16 May 2017).  This is a limited time offer.  They offer a free trial of their products prior to purchase :

  • Website Builder (GoDaddy’s own web design software)
  • WordPress
  • Online Store

Additional services are offered at a low monthly premium.  Once purchased, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

However, the low prices only apply to new customers and therefore you could get stuck with continual increasing costs.

That being said, a nice touch is offering a month’s trial with access to all features.  If commitment scares you, this could be the way to go.

The free package does however have limited capabilities and to access all the funky features GoDaddy offers you will have to cough up some cash.

Also, be careful, I once took the $0.99/month offer for the first year; but at the end of the year suddenly realised that the price shot up, so make sure you are ready for the ‘true’ ongoing cost.

GoDaddy Website

Their website is easy to navigate, offering comprehensive advice on how to choose the right hosting service, how to optimise search engine hits. It appears to be aimed at the inexperienced beginner, although professional web design services are offered.  However, there is such a wealth of products on offer it can be a bit overwhelming for the inexperienced user.

In contrast to some other web hosting companies, GoDaddy owns and manages its own servers with dedicated technical support 24/7.

Services offered

  • No website is useful without marketing knowledge. GoDaddy offers an easy to follow “DIY” guide to online marketing, together with a useful synopsis explaining common online marketing terms (
  • A wealth of reliable e-commerce choices are offered, ideal for those wanting to grow their business online with relative ease and low cost.
  • Website building – using GoDaddy’s own software, the tools are easy to use incorporating “drag and drop” for ease of positioning. There are over 300 professional looking interfaces which can be tailored to suit your needs.  Another bonus feature is the ability to back up/restore and save your website design progress as you go.
  • GoDaddy ranks highly for online security and boasts one of the fastest and most reliable uploads of any hosting company. Basically, your website will be up and secure 24/7, which is an attractive asset.
  • Customer satisfaction is a high priority and their award winning team offers support around the clock. However, despite their acclaims, other reviewers rate GoDaddy poorly in terms of customer service.
  • Since acquiring Media Temple in May 2017, customer support has reportedly improved.

There is also no “live chat” service available to assist customers and waiting times for calls to be answered are reported to be long.


Support at GoDaddy seems a bit of a mixed bag, and many think that they suck at it.

If you are a newcomer (as I was) you can call up their helpline and get instant support. When I say instant, I mean, once you get through! Sometimes you can be holding on the phone for quite long periods waiting in the queue (I even almost forgot what I’d called for once!). However, once I was connected with a representative, they always tried to be many times did help with my issues. Still, many of them were probably fairly straightforward. But, when I tried to call them for something a little more complex, they didn’t always seem to know quite as much.

Another problem with telephone support is that it isn’t always useful for technical support as they use an online ticketing system and this means waiting for someone to get back to you and can take up to 72 hours, although I’ve heard you can also use chat.

They do have online guides to help you with your learning curve as s newcomer, but, if (like me) you still don’t quite get something, it means another long phone call or an online search. Still, the guidance is there and fairly good.

The Good & The Bad


  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Clear pricing
  • 24/7 support (technical phone support good)
  • Multiple modes of payment
  • Can get simple hosting from as little as $1 per month for the first year
  • They support in English, Hindi & Tamil language (most popular provider in India)
  • you can Host the web through your Mobile phones as they have mobile Apps for CPanel/Plesk


  • No live chat
  • Amount of add-ons available can be overwhelming to first time users
  • Reports of poor customer service
  • Basic packages have limited capability / features
  • Many report that server speeds are not the fastest, but adequate for new users
  • On many packages you pay extra for SSL certificates for your site if you require payment gateways

GoDaddy Summary

GoDaddy is the go to place for web hosting for valid reasons.  Its reliant uptime and wealth of additional features at a reasonable price make it an attractive company.  However, bear in mind the features with the budget packages are limited.

GoDaddy scores highly on reliability, security and pricing (average 8/10) but low on support and inclusive additional features (3.5/10).  Overall rating is a 6, which makes it slightly above average.

You can find many other first hand user reviews here: they give it 3 out of 5 stars overall (as we give it 6/10, it seems to concur with our own findings) from 532 user reviews.

As always, please leave me a message in the comments section below if you have any questions or if you have used GoDaddy and feel I have missed anything important.

Claire x

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