The Importance of Motivation


We often hear that Motivation is important to success, but what is the importance of motivation?

Google defines motivation as, “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something”.

Of course, this is true, but whilst a ‘general desire or willingness’ is enough to motivate us generally, for true success, especially when pursuing something difficult or over a long period, it often requires more than just a ‘general’ desire; it needs a Strong, perhaps even an Overwhelming desire.

If you need to achieve something, you need to have the drive to get you there; without that, there is no fire; without fire, there is no motivation.

Think of murder mysteries, or police procedurals, they often need a MOTIVE. Even with means and opportunity, a suspect cannot normally be seriously considered until a motive has been established.

This is because with the ‘motivation’ to commit a crime, most people would not find the consequences worth the crime. But, with a serious motive (money, revenge, love, etc), then the perpetrator will have the drive to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired end result.

So Motivation is Drive. It is something that pushes you to get up and ‘do’. If we need water, we’ll get up and go get a drink. If we need approval, we will try to do good things, or achieve good results in order to get that approval.

Motivation is a spark in you that may turn into a blazing inferno. Motivation is the accelerator in your pursuit of your Goals. Motivation is the one thing that can keep you going no matter how hard the circumstances are.

Success is something that we all aspire to. But, what do we want to be successful at?

It could be your exams, education, tests, business, entrepreneurship, love, sports, and much more. We all want to be successful in our own way and on our own terms.

But success isn’t always easy. You can’t just grasp it whenever you want it. Success is often at the end of a long road of challenges. You will have to earn it by overcoming those challenges, and you overcome challenges with a combination of mind-set and action. Motivation is the drive that helps you with both.

Motivation is the factor that pushes you forward when you can only thinking of giving up or going back. It is what keeps you going, striving to reach your final success destination.

But, when your drive starts failing, that’s when most people give up. They find it difficult to keep motivated, especially when the results take so long to materialise, or when the going gets tough.

So, how can you keep motivated? How can you motivate yourself so that you can keep going on and on, stay the course?

Self-Motivation Tips / How Do I Get Motivated

Self-Motivation is vital to achieve what we want because we can’t always rely on others to motivate and guide us. Most of the time, we have to take matters into our own hands.

So, how are you going to motivate yourself when you can feel your resolve waning? Here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Motivational Videos/Lectures

I’ve found that watching motivational videos at times of doubt help to pump some great energy through my veins. It doesn’t matter how sad or tired I am, I watch a great, energetic video from great trainers or motivational speakers to charge me with positive energy. Networks like Wealthy Affiliates or a search on YouTube can quickly source great motivational guides.

Find your favourite speakers or topics; those that fire you up; those you trust, and these can help give you a boost for a while. Even if this is only long enough to get the next task done, although I find them incredibly valuable.

  • Inspirational Figures

Related to the above, are Inspirational Figures.

These are people who have trodden the path you are on before you; people you can aspire to be like; heroes, if you like.

If, for example, you want to be a great athlete, find out all you can about athletics heroes you already admire and read about them, their own journeys, their challenges, and model yourself upon them.

No successful person ever got to their peak without their own losses, troubles and doubts; yet they didn’t give up and that’s often enough to set them apart.

For example: Do you know Chris Gardner? Have you watched The Pursuit of Happyness, or read the book with the same name? Well, Chris Gardner is a great true story about a man who went from Homeless To Millionaire. Can you believe that? A Homeless man is now a Millionaire. He is recognised for the incredible obstacles he overcame to be the best in his field. He is my inspirational figure, who’s yours?

What about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many more. They all struggled and they all flourished. So, are you ready to be someone that can take your example from others? Are you ready to transform into someone who can tackle any problem, any hurdle, anything that comes in your way to achieve your objective?

Having a role model is like the having a light in the dark. Always remember them when you are down or feel you can’t do more, and let them inspire you on.

  •  Write Down your Objectives

When you have a keen look at your life and when you look deeply, you will realise that our whole life is made up of various objectives. Goals are objectives, but sometimes objectives are smaller than goals, like: to sleep, eat, rest, study, take classes, go shopping, etc. Often, these objectives are in our sub-conscious mind which makes them easy to ignore. These are unconscious goals.

So, to stay motivated, you are going to have to write down your objectives, make them conscious, make them tangible goals.

Suppose you have an ultimate goal or objective of securing 80+ percentage in an exam, now how will you achieve this? Break this down into smaller objectives and write them down.

Reward yourself each time you achieve one of the smaller goals and you will soon feel that the larger goals are more realistic, and start to believe that you really can achieve them.

  • Recognise your Strengths

Everybody, every single one of us, has our strengths. We may not always be aware of them, but we do all have them.

It is often said that we need to know our strengths and weaknesses. We need to work on improving our weaknesses, or to find the skills (perhaps by employing others, outsourcing through services like Fiverr, etc) in order to fill the gaps. But it is important to also know your strengths.

Sometimes, we find it more difficult to identify our strengths than our weaknesses. We find it all too easy to think we can’t do this or that.

Write a list of at least 5 Strengths, 5 positive things that you can bring to the able in order to achieve your goals.  If possible, then try to find another 5.

These are important to focus on because they can help you Believe in yourself, and belief helps go a long way to helping to keep you motivated.

Try to reduce the negative self-talk that runs through your head when you find yourself doubting your ability. Look at your list of strengths and know that you have plenty to contribute. Believe that you are capable of doing the extraordinary.

So, my sweet readers, I hope some of the tips above help you to find the motivation you need to complete your enterprise successfully, regardless of what that might be.

Keep in mind the following two quotations:

  1. I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want”-  Muhammad Ali.
  2. To achieve what others won’t, you have to do what others don’t”- Lazar Angelov.

If you have any other ideas to help keep motivated, please share them below by leaving a comment.





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