The Secret to Creating Wealth

So you want to know the secret to creating wealth online?

To be honest, the biggest secret to creating wealth ANYWHERE is that there are three secrets:

  • take ACTION
  • be persistent,
  • BELIEVE it is possible.

Just about everything you read below will sound like common sense, you’ll think ‘I already know this’; but ask yourself – do you actually DO them?


Without action, nothing will ever get done.

You can want to win the lottery all you like, but if you don’t actually buy a ticket, it will never happen! Even the simplest of everyday things need action – the washing will not do itself, you’ll never change your curtains until you climb up to bring down the old ones, just about everything in life needs ACTION to make it happen.

But we, the human race, are often lazy by nature and so when we get a great idea (i.e. I’ll write a book), or are faced with a need (i.e. paying a bill), we will often procrastinate – we put it off until tomorrow. Then, of course, it ends up never getting done, or the minimal amount of action is taken at the very last minute (how I often ended up working when assignments were due at university).

So, if you want to be successful – irrespective of what you want to be successful at – you will have to start DOING something – to take ACTION to make it happen.


Without the persistence to keep at something you will never reach your goal. Sometimes you have to learn to overcome challenges or be patient whilst you learn the ropes.

The world is full of stories of people who gave up ‘right’ before they were about to hit gold. In fact there is one very famous example of just this thing:

Once there was a prospector in the USA in the days when many people were trying to make their fortune by digging for gold. This guy staked his claim on a likely piece of land and started mining. He mined, and mined, and mined, for years and never found anything worth talking about. In the end, he couldn’t find the motivation any longer: he was starving, broke, and had nothing but a hole in the side of a hill to show for it. After a while, someone offered to buy the empty mine from him. He was thrilled! He grabbed the money and went off to live an ordinary life elsewhere, probably laughing at the fools who gave him good money for a worthless mine. And so off he went into oblivion. The buyers of the mine, however, got to work and carried on a little deeper into the hillside and within months hit a massive vein of gold! They went on to make a fortune and for very little work. They got the claim cheaply, the seller had done all the hard work by digging the deep tunnel, then left just before he hit gold. True story – I’ll try to find it again and fill the names in. Anyway, the point is that this isn’t the only story – persistence is a major factor for almost every success story.

So, even if sometimes you feel like your moving too slowly, even when you think you’re getting nowhere, don’t give up! You may have to alter course occasionally, but keep going.


Without belief you will undermine your efforts and possibly give up before you reach success.

It’s a common problem. Many of us wonder, ‘Can I really Do It?, ‘Could This Really Happen To Me?’ or various other self-defeating thoughts.

Our thoughts define our beliefs and if we keep thinking negatively, then our results will be negative because we won’t be as motivated to put enough of our energy into whatever we are doing.

This is also, probably, one the hardest to overcome.

Often, when something is new, (a new idea, a new venture, a new course, a new car…) we are very excited and believe fully in it. But often, this soon fades as either the defeatist demons start talking to us; we lack support from other people; the thing becomes ‘everyday’ and is soon taken for granted. Does this sound familiar?

When this happens we need support. Even if this is a book or talk to help keep us motivated; maybe you have a friend you can trust to help gee you up; maybe you need to post motivational messages all over your house – whatever works. But, somehow, you have to keep believing it is possible – believing you can!


But, of course, this is very general and not very helpful. We all know this and have heard it many times but it doesn’t usually help us very much.

So, here I will try to outline some of the most important secrets I have learned in order to help you determine the best ways to make money online and the qualities, skills or resources you might need to make that possible.

Contents for this Category

Of course, many of you will have arrived here because you want to start a business, or create wealth, and are probably looking to find out how to do it from home. Maybe you are a single mum who needs to find an income she can manage to earn between school runs; or you are retired and looking for a little extra income whilst staying active; maybe you can’t find decent work in the current deflated situation (at least here in the UK). So, many of the categories below will be aimed at those who are looking to increase their wealth working online, but many will be just as suitable for wealth and success in any other area of life (Motivation, for example).  If you don’t see the pages yet, keep us bookmarked or sign up to our blog and come back soon.

In the pages within this category you will find more detailed information to help you understand these ‘secrets’ and how they might suit your particular vision.

You will find information on:

  • Motivation
  • Help, support and mentorship
  • Skill Set
  • Planning
  • Audience/Customers/Marketing
  • Keeping Costs Low to Maximize Profits
  • Passive Income
  • Multi-Income Streams
  • Outsourcing (Not doing all the work yourself), and,
  • Leverage (using something to maximum advantage)

You may (or may not) have heard of most of these before, and it may seem like common sense; however, I’ve found that many people, including myself, tend to assume we know what they are and how to use the principles.

The truth is, that, yes, we know them, but very often we either can’t access them (i.e support/mentors), don’t know where to find them, or how to acquire them (i.e. skills), or how to manage them.

What about money or finance?

You may have noticed that Finance is not included here.

Yes, there are some businesses that would be difficult, if not impossible without some seed finance (online banking, perhaps? – or something that requires specialist web sites), but, believe it or not, it is possible to make great sums online with little to no upfront finance, although it may take a little longer initially (I started from my weekly state benefits!).

Of course, this doesn’t mean they involve no work – if you are looking to find something where you can make an income suitable for a champagne lifestyle without any work, think again, you are likely to be targeted by scammers who love to entice the greedy and lazy with promises too good to be true. So, if you want to be successful, be prepared to work (ACTION), keep going (PERSISTENCE), and know you can do it (BELIEVE). Then the rest will come.

Whilst I have not included raising finance, I will talk about personal finance with regard to improving, savings, debt, etc.


Of course, we are all looking for success in our ventures. But what does success mean?

The truth is that success means different things to different people. One might be a success in business, have financial success, be successful in relationships, be successful in their private life, or at sports. Whatever success means to you, there are some basic things that are common to them all; things that you can do to increase your chances of achieving that success.

Racecar Driver Holding Trophy — Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

So many of the articles are designed to help you achieve success and many can be applied to any area of your life (motivation, self-improvement, attitude, etc).  So I will attempt to help you to put some of those things in motion, put them to the test. Some may help you to change your thinking, or your actions, or perhaps even your beliefs!

Some of the articles here are of the ‘self-help’, or ‘motivational’ type, so if you are looking for information that will help you believe in yourself, become more confident, find peace, stress less, you are in the right place.

You will also find articles that will help you if you are struggling to get out of debt, or how to focus more.

If there is anything specific you would like me to help you with, or if you’d just like to leave feedback, please use the comment box below and I’ll be happy to help.

Claire x

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