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 Wealthy Affiliate is a complete internet marketing and hosting service, which includes training, support, fully integrated WordPress, hosting (2 sites with the free option, 50 with the premium option) and much more. As well as hosting, the program teaches step-by-step how build a compete SEO rich, content-based website and how to monetise it using affiliate marketing.

 Company Bio

Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in 2005, by two friends (Kyle and Carson), the Wealthy Affiliate community has grown to over 250,000 members. The company continues to show strong growth and attracts new hundreds of new members daily. The company creators are also very active within the community offering help, support, guidance and motivation and will personally answer your questions. The company offer top performing members incentives such as all-expenses-paid trips to Las Vegas.


The Wealthy Affiliate Programme (WA) has two levels of membership:

Unlike many other providers, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer a ‘free trial’ – instead, they offer a completely free service. Of course, there are advantages for premium members, however, with 2 free WordPress websites, 20 structured classes on how to get started, access to subscriber generated tutorials, support from all other members (they have a very active community), and hosting on a state-of-the-art hosting platform.

Premium members also get access to 1000’s more structured training, live chat, ability to host up to 50 distinct website (25 free domains and 25 top-level domains), SSL and much more.

Of course, you will have to pay for your own top-level domains (as these are like real estate and you own them outright); however, you are free to purchase those through WA or any other domain provider and can be easily integrated.

Wealthy Affiliates Website

The website is very easy to navigate, however, the sheer amount of information and the number of people actively using the site can initially appear quite overwhelming. Newcomers are advised to start by simply clicking on the ‘Certification Training’ or ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ training links and simply start follow the idiot-proof step-by-step guides. You will soon find your way around simply by following the training and completing the associated tasks.

On every single ‘classroom’ page, there is an active comments section where students post their questions, should they have any, and these are usually answered very quickly by other site members or by Kyle (one of the programme creators); so help is always at hand.

The ‘back office’ for your WordPress site is also easy to navigate and to understand, so too is the ‘affiliate tracking’ section.

As this programme is free to join, with no limits on the amount of time you remain a free member, just take a look at this classroom and have see for yourself.

Services offered

  • No website is useful without marketing knowledge. Nor can it be successful as a passive income generator without monetising it. Wealthy Affiliates easy to follow tutorials to online marketing, Content Generation, SEO, finding your niche, optimising affiliation, and endless other topics, make it, for me, the absolute market leader in comprehensive training and knowledge, suitable for everyone from novice to expert.
  • Great for cash-strapped budding entrepreneurs who have no capital. With no time limits of free membership, it is entirely feasible to be earning an income from your website utilising all the services available to you as a free member. Perhaps, upgrading once you are ready to go beyond two free websites and domains.
  • Other than possibly a top-level domain, should you want one (i.e. .com, .net, .co.uk, etc.), there is no need to have to purchase any further add-ons, software, plug-ins, space, or training.
  • Unlimited email accounts with your websites.
  • Round-the-clock support (24/7, 365 days) whether technical or general support.
  • A truly pay-it-forward community with a truly friendly network of members who contribute to each other.
  • Live Chat is available for premium members.
  • Free Keyword Tool (premium members) OR 30 free Jaaxy Keyword Searches (free members)
  • Great Security
  • SSL (Premium members)




  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Free for life option
  • 24/7 support
  • Comprehensive training on every aspect of building and monetising a website
  • Live Chat (for Premium members)
  • Active Pay-It-Forward Community
  • Community-generated training to support official ‘courses’
  • Unlimited email with every website
  • Up to 50 websites (25 free domains & 25 top-level domains) hosted
  • SSL (included in Premium)
  • site security
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Keyword Tools


  • WordPress sites only


Since scoping out Wealthy Affiliate, I myself have become a member of the programme. The creators so totally believe in their system that they are prepared to allow free members for life – and it works! It doesn’t take long before you realise that this is something very exciting and something you are glad to be a part of.

Just look at some of the comments posted here by members.

Wealthy Affiliate score highly on reliability, security, support, features, usability, training quality, community and pricing, so achieve and overall rating of 9.6.

There is only one option that would improve this score and that would be the option for site formats other than WordPress. However, as it appears to offer every add-on and plug-in I can imagine and as WordPress is already used by many different types of website, from blog to e-Commerce, this doesn’t seem to be much of an issue, especially for those who are new to website building/design. WordPress is capable of some very complex designs and requirements.


Please feel free to leave any comments or ask me any questions about this review or the Wealthy Affiliates Programme.

Claire x

Start your own Internet Empire FREE today!

Start your own Internet Empire FREE today!


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  1. Hi Claire
    Thanks for this review. I have been looking into affiliate marketing and have been researching different platforms to start from. I like what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and the cost is right up my alley. Can u tell me if I already have a website can I move it over? I would like to have this ability. I will check back for your response. Thanks again for the great information.


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